How to choose right grass seed for garden

Garden is that place of our house where we can planting plants, flowers, and shrubs. It is a mirror of the house, and that is an enjoyment of free time. Garden in the house makes a beautiful look of our home. In other words, we can say garden are two types big garden and small garden. Big garden or plantation is from big places like restaurants, public places or government garden and small garden for our houses.

The small garden changes the look of our home. We can be planting different plants and flowers in the backyard, but we can also use vegetables for planting in the garden. The grass is the most important for our garden lawn. Without lawn grass, you can imagine how our garden lawn looks. A weed is growing on the floor in the garden. The grass is shrubs that use in the garden for cover the floor of the garden with the height of 3 to 4 cm, and some grasses are below than 3 to 4 cm. Grass sowing process is easy to sow in your garden.


You can buy weed seeds from the distributor and also buy available online store. Measure the area of your lawn and divide it into easily manageable sections. To get the best conclusion Long grasses and ornamental grasses are easy to maintain, grow and come in different height and colors. Typically these herbs are used for unique garden design. When long ornamental grasses get dried, these are employed in decorations. A small grass is short in height also used for a garden.

A small grass is a comfort to sit on it, but trimming is must time to time. You can walk barefoot on the short grass.70 grams of seeds per m2, then divide seeds according to the sections. Often when you have sowed your grass seed, be careful about the weather. Spread the seeds lightly in the sections with the right angle. You can sow different types of grass for your lawn. Many types of grass seeds are available in the store.

There are some types of grass for lawn as listed below

Long grass and small grass

Long grasses and ornamental grasses add a natural appearance to the garden and come in wide variety of species.

Sun and shade grasses

Blue grass is cool season variety that can higher shade tolerance. Blue grass is softer than other grasses and grows quickly from seed or sod. For shady areas where sunlight never comes blue grass grows well. St. Augustine is a warm season grass which tolerance high shade. It does well in sunny and shaded areas.


Artificial grass

Drought is a big problem which comes in summer and often damages your garden. Some herbs types are tolerant drought, but some grasses are not able to handle that problem. If drought destroyed our lawn grass don’t worry about it .you can use artificial grass for your lawn. Artificial grass is also available in the market. It is soft and smooth, but you can use artificial grass for the home lawn or small garden. For the big garden, you can choose another type of grass which can make tolerant against drought.


Now you are familiar with all types of grass and how it can help you to enhance the elegance of your garden. Apart from that you can also visit for your gardening assistance.

How to choose right grass seed for garden

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